eCommerce Development Revisited

Think with eCommerce stores, high quality, low costs, and quick turn-around are mutually exclusive? Think again.

With our new, lean approach to eCommerce development, we are able to fashion high-end Magento stores rapidly and cost-effectively. Your site can go live and start making money within days while we continue to further enhance your online business.


Traditional IT Approach

The traditional approach: Extensive research and planning, often excessive and unnecessary functionality, rigid and slow implementation and multiple client reviews at the end. A very long, expensive and tedious process which results in rigidity, slow response to market trends and obsolete applications.

The fast moving, permanent changing and highly competitive world of e-commerce cannot flourish in such an environment. The business that can deploy solutions to their customers more quickly across a range of platforms, with the flexibility to continuously deliver new functionality, is poised to succeed.

Lean Approach with DevOps

Emphasis is shifting from the exhaustive planning and development of the “perfect” site to the rapid implementation of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), leveraging existing open source products and extensions. Once an online store has launched it is continously changed, adapted, improved and optimized. This is the only way to keep pace with technology and stay ahead of the competition.

The consequent application of Lean Development principles and DevOps culture shows amazing results in the Ecommerce space. A more theoretical discussion, how and why each element fits ideal within modern eCommerce requirements is available as a white paper.


  • Shoppimon

  • Salesforce

  • New Relic

  • Pingdom

  • Optimizely

  • GitHub

  • KISSmetrics

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Chef

  •  Google Analytics

  •  Simple Helix

  •  Jenkins


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    Lean Magento Development

    When building eCommerce websites, PRETACOMMERCE uses a preconfigured, state of the art infrastructure and follows a lean, systematic approach. First, we make sure we understand your business. Then we select the best solutions out of the tens of thousands of widely tested Magento extensions, integrate and adapt them to create your eCommerce platform. Your final feedback, requirements and expectations are now expressed as a gap analysis based on an existing solution, and actual data, not a wish-list based on an abstract vision. This process allows us to present you with a fully-functioning online store, customized to your needs, in a matter of weeks — not months.

    PRETACOMMERCE successfully applies Lean Software Development Principles to eCommerce.

    Lean development can be summarized by seven principles of which the most relevant are: Eliminate waste, Amplify learning, Deliver as fast as possible.

    Eliminate waste which may include: Unnecessary code and functionality, unclear requirements and avoidable process repetition.

    Amplify Learning. An interactive process with the client from the very beginning reduces “waste”. Simplify and shorten the otherwise very abstract discovery phase, coordinate expectations form the very start and leverage the power of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Rather than defining the complete and perfect scope up front, which is beyond most clients capability, and then find out after finishing the whole development cycle that this is not what the client expected, delivery is split into small and easily manageable units.

    Deliver as fast as possible: There are over 10,000 Extensions for Magento available today, and this number is growing every day. Many of them are well tested and stable (because of their widespread use – crowd-testing). Therefore, we utilize modular development for our clients and aim to use available and proven modules and extensions to enhance your website functionality, reduce the cost and time to market.

    The consequent application of lean software development and the use of the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) methodology requires, however, a well tuned DevOps environment and advanced infrastructure. Once the MVP is launched, this environment guarantees continuous deployment of improvements, additional functionality and fixes if needed in a rapid and timely manner.

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    DevOps Services

    DevOps is an approach to IT Operations and Application Development that focuses on communication, collaboration and integration between the development and operations teams involved to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way.

    DevOps is fundamental to PRETACOMMERCE’s success in providing cost-effective Magento support services.

    Shopping preferences have been rapidly changing; moving from in-store, to online, to mobile to become an omni-channel experience in just a few short years. Future purchase behavior promises to be equally fluid and fast-paced.

    As a successful online retailer, you need to cater for these paradigm changes on the fly. And this is where EcomUnlimited can make it happen for you. How? With our unique combination of advanced technology, eCommerce expertise, and DevOps culture.

    The principles of DevOps are the foundation for Lean Ecommerce Development

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    24/7 Support

    Geared to maximize your site’s continuous functionality and stability, our Application Support Services help you avoid problems before they even occur. We verify that your software meets the highest quality standards ensuring it is reliable, usable, efficient and maintainable. But that’s not all. We also help you continuously improve functionality to grow and expand your online business.

    Our Application Suppor Services include:

      • – Help Desk
      • – 24/7 Live Support
      • – Defect Resolution
      • – Preventative Maintenance
      • – Application Optimization
      • – Database Administration
      • – Changes Requests including new functionality
      • – 3rd Party Application Integration
      • – Automated Deployment
      • – State of the Art Security and Compliance Processes
      • – Business Continuity
      • – Disaster Recovery

    Every service package is customized to your business requirements

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    Ecommerce Consulting

    Our Extended Business Services focus on the needs of your eCommerce operation. It’s no longer enough to keep a site running at top performance 24/7. There are a host of other services required to keep it at the forefront of the rapidly changing online retail world. This is where the + in our PaaS+ offering comes in.

    PRETACOMMERCE has enhanced its DevOps offering with unique individually-customized eCommerce Business Services creating a holistic approach to effectively manage and grow your online business.

    Our Extended Business Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Our Extended Business Services include:

      • – Business Process Consulting
      • – Financial Analysis and Evaluation for Decision Support (Cost/Benefit Analysis)
      • – Risk Management
      • – Site Review
      • – Code Audit
      • – Independent Acceptance Testing
      • – Data Management
      • – Content Management
      • – Training
      • – Reporting

    Every service package is customized to your business requirements


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