Over years the hospitality industry in Uganda has grown at a rapid rate; with several hotels, motels, hostels and tent cabins being set up, however, having hotel structures does not mean that the quality of hotel services has improved. Although chain hotels have tried to tailor services to represent their brand names, other hotels do […]



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Hygiene plays a great role in the operation of a hotel establishment that managers should not ignore. Customers always wish to stay in hygienic environment, served by hygienic people and hygienic food or drinks. It is therefore, important to understand that good hygiene is vital in creating a hotel environment that leaves guests satisfied, pampered […]

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How many toilets should be in your facility to cater for different activities?

The first consideration when designing washrooms is the number of people who will use the facility. The following are recommendations by Cubicle Centre; Office washrooms Minimum scale of provision of sanitary appliances for staff toilets in offices, shops, factories and other non-domestic premises used as place of work. Female toilets Number of persons at work […]

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Why your Front Office Manager is one of your most important hires

By Angela Rose First impressions are important, most definitely. Yet in the hotel industry, last impressions and every contact in between are equally vital. Your front desk staff is essentially the “face” of your business. From the moment they great your guests until the final checkout, their professionalism and service leave a lasting impression. Your […]